Updated design now includes a 4000mAh battery and single control board.

What We Do

A MyPi Raspberry Pi kit showing the LCD above the Raspberry Pi and PCB's.

Our MyPi Kit

The MyPi is a Raspberry Pi kit that uses RetroPie to play retro video games.  It features a large 5 inch screen with stereo sound and game controls on each side of the LCD similar to the Sega Game Gear.

How It Works

The MyPi Raspberry Pi kit requires soldering skills, a basic understanding of electronics, and the ability to edit Raspberry Pi configuration files. A comprehensive spiral bound booklet inspired by classic Heathkit manuals and vintage computer manuals is provided filled with photos and descriptions.  An instructional video is also available on our site depicting the build steps required to complete a MyPi Raspberry Pi kit. 

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Looking to the Future

We welcome your feedback and keep working to make each Raspberry Pi kit better than the last. We are considering several ideas for our next kit from using a Raspberry Pi 4 as the basis of the next kit to using a Raspberry Pi Zero in a wearable project. Drop us a line, and have a voice in what we build next.