New look for the MyPi! Traditional white case or an edgy translucent green.

MyPi2 Translucent Green

  • Retro influenced design
  • Large 5 inch LCD
  • Uses  gamepad buttons and rubber
  • Similar size to Sega Game Gear (9" x 5.25")

New MyPi2 Case

  • Classic design
  • Rounded edges
  • Interchangeable with original MyPi case
  • Speakers on the back
  • Trigger buttons on the back

Arcade Baseball

  • Vented case for heat dissipation
  • Thumbwheel volume adjustment
  • Based on Raspberry Pi 3a+
  • Lithium polymer battery 2500mAh

Can you name this arcade game?

  • Includes a comprehensive build manual
  • Composite video adapter cable available
  • Play on a CRT for a true retro feel

MyPi2 Backside

  • Playstation; SNES; Atari; Colecovision; and even Vectrex games can be played on the MyPi
  • Modular designed system

One of the greatest driving games of the 1980's - Outrun

  • Add a Bluetooth game controller
  • The manual includes tips for obtaining ROM's  for personal use - we don't include ROM's

MyPi Instructional Build Video

The MyPi Raspberry Pi kit is one of the best documented Raspberry Pi kits available.  Similar to classic Heathkit kits it includes a comprehensive manual detailing each build step, configuration, and troubleshooting tips.  This is an instructional video meant to complement the  MyPi manual.


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